It is already seventeen years ago that an airplane flew into the World Trade Center in New York. At the time, cameraman Mark LaGanga was on site and managed to capture a lot on camera. These images were restored and republished at the end of August. The improved images have now been viewed more than 9 million times.

It shows how LaGanga walks through the streets and records how the emergency services rushed to the crash site. He also talks to victims who tell him what they think happened.

A man tells LaGanga, “I was on the 81st floor. We were with forty people inside when I heard an explosion. “When he realizes that everyone is doing well, he runs downstairs together with colleagues. “On the 68th floor I met a woman in a wheelchair. I have carried her all the way down. It was a chaos. ”

LaGanga continues to film for almost half an hour. From the eighteenth minute you can see how the second tower collapses. While everyone is running away, LaGanga remains at risk for his own life.